Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yellow and Blue Combination

You must have seen many such things in life. They attract our eyes and make the 
world beautiful and shining for their common which combine the contrast color of yellow and blue. Those beautiful stuffs include yellow and blue collocation in dresses, nail polish of yellow and blue butterfly, shoes, books and sky.

Sometimes, i even wonder that it's the colorful nature inspire designers or common people to beautify and enrich our life. Beautiful fishes, yellow and blue roses, parrots and peacocks all give us hints.

In my opinion, women who can collocate blue and yellow also can make up themselves beautiful and outstanding. and they also have a spirit to question the rules and are capable to make a big difference.Just look those amazing dresses!

Apart from the working time, other part of the day will be spent at home. so a comfortable and good-looking home is a must. Just look at those interior design which use the combination of yellow and blue.

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