Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apparel and Accessories about Animals Prints

 Leopard, i am afraid is the most famous animals in the human's world for it's skin has given us many inspirations to decorate our world.

Leopard eyes just like a real leopard shine charming lights. Leopard rings, leopard skirt and leopard bags all add a sense of wild feeling to our life.

 Then we continue to develop that into a larger span such as leopard shoes, leopard nail, leopard dresses and even leopard house.

 Another animal we need to talk is the zebra which also often show in our life. their outstanding color of skin is one of the most important reason we apply it into daily life like zebra line on the streets. Zebra pants, zebra sandals, zebra nail and also zebra chair then arise suddenly and surprise.

Hello kitty is popular among kids and women. We can't forget that cute stuffs we ever used. Cups,bracelets, hats, shoes and skirts with kitty on will never go out of date.

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