Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashion Maxi Skirts and Pleated Dresses

Spring fashion meas dresses and skirts. Here are some inspirations for you to dress in the 2013 in causal days. 

But in occasions, you need dresses like prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses as so on. I also suggest some for you.

$418 ID 14018617
$298 ID 13993023

$398 LF-17058
$450 SH-2845

£134 ISD400
£99 ISD 442

Monday, December 10, 2012

Golden Time--Gold Inspiration

It seems that life composes of gold especially in accessories and fashion field.

Whether in neck of shirt, bracelet, dress, shoes or bags, we will find gold.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wear A Skirt in Winter

What will you dress in winter? Those heavy puffy pants? Maybe a maxi or plaid skirt will be a good choice to enjoy the winter.

You may be confused about the ability of shirts. So am i. But as long as you wear a warm enough legging, then there is no need to worry about the weather. And you can also enjoy the flying dresses just like summer.

A black skirt is good in winter for it's color. You can arm yourself with a warm and fashion scarf and a hat also.

You can see from the street style that a grey and dark blue also can be chic. Here is a warm hint that you would better wear it in a fine day. And you know the reason.

On a sunny day, you may pick a stylish sweater to collocate with your maxi or short skirts.

As to the hairstyle, most people would thought that long hair or just the hair flowing on your back is suitable. But a updo will be fresh to be seen in winter too. Make you own choice then.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apparel and Accessories about Animals Prints

 Leopard, i am afraid is the most famous animals in the human's world for it's skin has given us many inspirations to decorate our world.

Leopard eyes just like a real leopard shine charming lights. Leopard rings, leopard skirt and leopard bags all add a sense of wild feeling to our life.

 Then we continue to develop that into a larger span such as leopard shoes, leopard nail, leopard dresses and even leopard house.

 Another animal we need to talk is the zebra which also often show in our life. their outstanding color of skin is one of the most important reason we apply it into daily life like zebra line on the streets. Zebra pants, zebra sandals, zebra nail and also zebra chair then arise suddenly and surprise.

Hello kitty is popular among kids and women. We can't forget that cute stuffs we ever used. Cups,bracelets, hats, shoes and skirts with kitty on will never go out of date.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yellow and Blue Combination

You must have seen many such things in life. They attract our eyes and make the 
world beautiful and shining for their common which combine the contrast color of yellow and blue. Those beautiful stuffs include yellow and blue collocation in dresses, nail polish of yellow and blue butterfly, shoes, books and sky.

Sometimes, i even wonder that it's the colorful nature inspire designers or common people to beautify and enrich our life. Beautiful fishes, yellow and blue roses, parrots and peacocks all give us hints.

In my opinion, women who can collocate blue and yellow also can make up themselves beautiful and outstanding. and they also have a spirit to question the rules and are capable to make a big difference.Just look those amazing dresses!

Apart from the working time, other part of the day will be spent at home. so a comfortable and good-looking home is a must. Just look at those interior design which use the combination of yellow and blue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 10 Celebrity Couples Street Styles

 PS: I like them all for they are celebrities and celebrities are mostly beautiful or handsome. This length of the post is limited so i can only show ten of them. The left are  fashionable, too. Besides, the order is not definite. It's only for you to rethink.
Here today, there are no Madonna or Jackson. There are only fashionable styles today.

NO.10 From their suits, i can only figure out one word conservative especially from the sunglasses and jacket or cowboy grapes. 

NO.9 The baby must be cute even from the back i can still tell that. 

NO.8 They are super stars and i know that even from the woman's suits and the their gesture.

NO.7 That black floor length prom dress is so sexy especially collocating with the red suit of the man.

NO6. I love her since watching High School Musical. Her bag adds some points for them and the whole collocation of the handsome man also push them to a higher level.

NO.5 Ops, them look familiar.although what they dress are totally different, the style is just so cool.

NO.4 Talking about smile, they must be the couples who can catch our eyes. Pulsing their so matched outfits, they get high points.

NO.4 OK, it's the bag which attracts my attention. ever, i thought that however a man catch his bag will seem sissy. But this man totally 

 NO.3 In fact, this list not only concerns the individual outfits of couples but also focus on their whole match effect. And these two perfectly achieve the goal. I never seen so sexy jean skirt and so handsome jean suit. 

 NO.1 There is no doubt of this couple. They represent classic. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Honest Tips about Selecting Dresses for Girls

Selecting a prom dress sometimes will take you much time and it is really tough to some extent. The main thing that you need to remember when you are choosing dresses for girls is the shape of the person that will be wearing the garment. You do not want to put the wrong outfit on the person or you will make both them and the articles of clothing look bad. You want to select the pieces that accentuate the shape and the assets of the person wearing the item.

When choosing dresses for girls that are tall remember those wonderful legs need to be shown off. Buy taller women shorter skirts and garments so that the length of their beautiful legs is displayed. So, both long and short prom dresses may be more suitable. Shorter women can also wear short outfits but shorter women can never pull off the garment that strikes in the middle of the calf. Taller women can wear long gowns, short skirts, and they can wear the things that stop in the middle.

When you are buying dresses for girls you also must consider where the waist line will strike the person that will be wearing the outfit. A person that is shorter than average may have difficulty with dresses that have dropped waist because the dropped waist will only make them appear even shorter and out of proportion. Plus size prom dresses for plus size women look better on them.

When you are buying dresses for girls you will want to remember that younger women wear shorter hem lines. As a lady ages the length of her hem line should become lower on her leg. Older women in very short skirts look out of place. Young girls that are still in elementary school look better in outfits that are knee length. With children of this age you do not want the outfit to be too short or too long, the perfect length is one half inch above the knee.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Elegance

If you are planning to buy a new dress for a prom, a cocktail party, wedding, or an office event, make sure that it suits your body type. Many women make the mistake of buying clothes by just looking at the design; however it should be remembered that not all clothes look good on every body shape. Thus, a dress that looks good on your friend would not necessarily look good on you too. If you want to look your best, you must get a dress that flatters your body type, enhances your assets and hides the flaws.

Start with prom gowns. Long prom dresses 2013 and short prom dress 2013 is definitely very popular. If you have smaller shoulders and waist, with a heavy lower part then that implies you have a pear shaped body. When buying a dress for your body type, you should look for clothes that make your bottom part look slimmer. You may choose a dress with an empire waist, or opt for fabrics that will complement your body shape. Do not buy any clingy fabrics or a heavy skirt as they will highlight your flaws.

Next, colors and styles are also very important at the same time. If you come to attend a formal prom, you would want a cheap black prom dress that adds curves to your body and makes you look more beautiful. Cheap high low prom dresses are fit for long shapes. For your upper body, get something that will enhance your bust. A high low would be a good choice. Choose a dress that has an embellished waistline because this will again add some curves to your body. Abstain from buying loose-fitting strapless dresses as they will make you look shapeless.

And, sometimes we may be invited to attend wedding or other formal events. Bridesmaid gowns are essential for you. Long bridesmaid gowns are absolutely amazing. Buy a wrap bridesmaid dress that is tailor made to hug your body and accentuate your assets. Formal dress 2013 is very popular among young ladies who want to attend formal events such as banquet. Remember not to buy those loose-fitting or shapeless formal dresses as they will make you look bigger than you actually are. Similarly, a very tight fitting dress will highlight too much of the curves. Sheath dresses would be a good choice for you.

Women with a larger sized chest should be careful when choosing dresses because a wrong decision can spoil the look. You must ensure that you wear a good bustier or strapless bra. Choose a dress that properly fits your upper body and is a little fuller on the lower side. You should also be careful about the neckline, especially if you are too busy. Keeping these points in mind will help you choose a perfect dress that will suit your body type and make you look exceptionally good.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life sometimes Is Just Relax

Confused Working Time

The moment that we mention job, sometimes we inevitably feel tired and confused unless you love the job. And during the working, we often we should escape the situation to pursue our own dreams. Reality, however, always tells us we can’t do that. It is not absolutely coward, and it is just in trouble. Actually, many things we should consider are coming by time and time. We spare no effort to avoid them, but almost are very hard. Fighting and struggling are always beaten in our mind and heart. Sometimes A fire may light it. Dreams and reality is varying from things to things. If we change, dreams will vary. Persistence and patience is very important and significant. When we insist our dreams, we will enjoy our life and cherish our time.

Relax and Life
Life is always hard no matter where we are and what we do. Sometimes we will feel restless strangely, and even we don’t know the reason. We begin to become selfish and egoistic, and even our friends begin to be far away from us. Ego will make us lose much. We begin feel the hard life and remember friendship. As the matter of fact that we can avoid it, only we know how to relax and enjoy our life with our friends and family. Unhappy life comes everyday and everywhere. We can’t escape it; on the contrary, we should beat and conquer it. Joy and happiness is definitely good way to avoid it. No matter what we encounter, our life is always moving on. And the worst part is that we make decisions to avoid pain, or the path of least resistance. When we close our hearts, we forget that this one, single beautiful moment is all we truly have right now.

Just Be Ourselves

Without self and goal we seem like dead people. No passion, no life. If captain has no compass, he may be lost in big sea. The best successful men always apprehend the life and goal, and they will try their best got it. No pains, no gains. Therefore, we must insist our dreams regardless any difficulties. Don’t be afraid of others’ laugh, because no matter what you go on, there are some people who laugh at you and look down you. Ignore them, be yourself. You make millions of decisions that mean nothing and then one day your order takes out and it changes your life. Don't be afraid of change, you may lose out on something good, but you might gain something even better. Life is like a TV with many channels. Hold the remote control firmly in your own hand, and you'll get the best shows. Just be ourselves.