Sunday, August 26, 2012


As an ordinary human being, we all hope to be happy all life. However, not all things can do as you like. Even sometimes we have to do what I don’t want to do. Honest reality always makes us confused all time in our daily life. We hope to get rid of the matters. Just be myself once again. Therefore, we will take our things down, and then go out to travel. Is it right? I just say is not very right. I don’t refuse, and don’t agree it. Because what we choose is our right. This is life.

In our childhood, we always look forward to become what we want to be. There are many dreams that are very fantastic and funny in our mind. We don’t care what others think and say. In our mind, categorical things are mainly. Wrong is wrong, correct is correct. However, when we grow up, we all say childhood is the happiest. Why? Because then we have no matters and things to think and do. We just are ourselves. 

After graduating from colleges or universities, we begin to cherish the memory of our childhood. We think we were very foolish and funny. We also begin to be far from our friends because of busy life. We all think highly of rich men and become very mundane slowly; it seems that we lost many things that we do not know. We are very afraid of poverty and spare no effort to can become the center of majority. But, finally we become lonelier after rich. Therefore, we begin to want to be back into previous life once again. Actually, we have been not able to be back. We lost much and much. Therefore, now, we should ask ourselves what we want to do. Regardless of what others think and laugh at, just be ourselves. 

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